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 Traci Lightfoot



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Traci Lightfoot

Dear M.E. Foster students and parents,

I arrived at Foster Elementary School in 2017 with pride, open arms, and a commitment to every student. I am a leader of a college ready and global student.  I am helping to prepare young scholars to face the challenges of life by sharing with you the importance of reaching your goals with ability, determination, and hard work. Will this work be easy? Most times not, but the road to success is never without great effort and challenge. I am dedicated to preparing you to be a responsible and accountable citizen of the world, owning your choices; to be a global leader of tomorrow. Fostering a deep sense of independence and confidence to the claim of who YOU WILL BECOME is my commitment. I embrace the opportunity to help guide and show you the way to success and a bright and promising future!

Ms. Traci. Lightfoot

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